Staccato (artist’s text)
Translated by Enrico Nake 

He returns to assure himself that they will meet 
each other later by chance.
She understands his look. 
And two years later, she will confront him with 
this moment.

In winter, they wander together through the city, 
just to stop the conversation from ending.
They arrange to meet on July 14. 
This is followed by separate trips abroad.

An unexpected phone call at the Düsseldorf airport.
He has memorised the unpronounceable name of 
the wine.
Two months later they don’t like how it tastes.

She is in Hamburg when his father passes away. 

A concert. 
He likes her elegant gait. He does not go home. 
The following day, the house key will be found 
behind a sofa.

A taxi ride together in December marks the end 
of their contact for the time being.

The following year.
A postcard: The pool of light where they stand 
shrinks and disappears. 

Those eyes!
That smile!
No time.

Summer approaches. 
She has a feeling he wants to tell her something, 
but he doesn’t take the opportunity. 
In late summer he hurts himself, which she will 
only find out one year later.

In fall, another death — she travels to Hamburg.

Both leave the room and walk in different directions.

At a party, just before Christmas, they dance 
together until late.

At the beginning of the year he is tormented 
by his indecision.
In March, a confession — she can soothe him.

She beams!
On two subsequent nights, they change restaurants.

He doesn’t want to believe that she feels fine.
Gradually, he becomes her muse.
A male muse? — he asks her, one year later.

A text message in Italian. 
A brief meeting for a drink.

New Year’s Eve ended several days ago, 
but he still feels like it’s last year.
She has to cancel the date on March 1.

It is May when he spots her suddenly and 
invites her to have a beer.
He kisses her. He offends her. 
She will forgive him.

An appetiser in a restaurant.
The ones who have everything can no longer decide?
Through the windshield she sees him smiling.

He pays the high entrance fee, 
but they do not stay long. 
It is more beautiful at the river. 
Pleasant breeze on the skin.

Five days later, she cooks for him.
After five years, he still appears in her dreams.
After three years, he loves her.

He surprises her.
The night is short. Early in the morning, 
he travels to England.

A chance encounter at the bus stop, a few days 
before she leaves for São Paulo.
Does she understand his look?
A photograph that does not reveal much.

A postcard: Thanks for all the …
March 30: Pleasant breeze on the skin.

She is home again. 
He asks on the phone where she is. 
He is abroad.

She is looking at the river 
while she calls him — one week 
before she travels to the ocean.

Promises that can no longer be kept are piling up.
She doesn’t let him embrace her. 
She doesn’t smile anymore, either.

A few weeks later, she does not recognise him.
She opens the window, he turns to her.

Three days later 
he has to ask her twice before she sets out.
She keeps her distance. 
She cannot interpret his behaviour.

They tell each other very much — each of 
his or her own past. 
He likes her easy, elegant gait. 
She does not say what's in her mind.

At the next intersection, he bids her a warm but 
hasty farewell, and she stands still, confused.

On Monday or Tuesday no one answers, 
on Tuesday or Wednesday someone answers 
or calls back. On Thursday they were able to 
come together. Eternity is anticipated.

The following year.
She does not have time that day, any time.
She appears unannounced. 

First dream:
On the beach. 
The short, light blond hair does not suit him. 
She forgets what he replies. 

No more mail from São Paulo.

She observes him from afar.
She loves the sound of his voice.
She blushes. There he is! — she thinks, or says aloud.

Second dream:
Although she is standing next to him, 
he does not see her.

Just before spring.
He does not go without assuring himself that they will meet 
each other later by chance.

Third dream: 
In a garden. 
To her dismay, she realises that a cameraman is recording 
everything, runs away, jumps behind the set, and doesn’t 
stop until she is out of the frame.

Thoughts on the airplane: 
They never spoke about the end.

Summer again.
Has she grown?
From the first moment, he cannot get away from her.
When his eyes meet her, she interrupts her story.

They know each other.