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Künstlertext, Projektion, 1:10 min
[Ausstellung: 5 x 3, Kunstraum Düsseldorf, 2014]

Text by the artist, projection, 1:10 min
[Exhibition: 5 x 3, Kunstraum Düsseldorf, 2014]

English translation of the artist’s text:
›Instead of letting others incubate its eggs, the cuckoo does it on its own. / A young beardless face at Christmas time. / 
Aboard a ship: She sees him again. Actually it’s not him. / Camping in an exhibition: It has long since become a private place, 
when all of a sudden strangers enter the room. She awakes. / At the doctor: – I have a headache. – It’s because of the cold. / 
The boy plucks a hair and drops it into the hole in the ground that he kneels in front of. / An imaginary passenger. / 
She allows the hand to rest on her shoulder. / – When does your train get here? – Shortly. / 
Spontaneously she boards as well and edges her way through the crowd to sit next to him.‹